Just wanted to let you know how the plane ride went – it was great! I self-hypnotized myself when we were in take off and when it was shaky on the way up…worked great. It was amazing how much of a difference it made. My husband couldn’t believe it!

On the way – it was a direct flight and very smooth. On the way back home we had a layover in Miami and it was a little rough. Also – the night before I started to get panicky and so I did the pressure points during the night and that seemed to calm me down. Once we were up in the air and I was talking over and over to myself – I was totally relaxed. I even slept most of the way which has never happened before. It made the vacation a lot less stressful knowing that I wasn't going to have a bad flight!

Thanks so much…definitely a success!

---Deb Smith, West Newbury, MA

After seeing Darwin Gillett 7 years ago and subsequently quitting smoking, I recently returned to address my issue with alcohol. Importantly, I recently I accepted that I am an alcoholic and was therefore finally ready to stop drinking. In a desire to be completely open to the power of suggestion and hypnotherapy, I participated in another session with Darwin. Since then, the obsession has lifted and intermittent thoughts of drinking have been quickly dissipated by remembering to simply stop and breathe. I recently attended a large event with attendees who were drinking and dancing. This was the true test. While I also danced the night away, I had few thoughts of drinking... and those that I did have were quickly dissipated by stopping and breathing. Since then I have felt stronger and less susceptible to those first, obsessive thoughts that lead to drinking compulsively. Thank you Darwin for your able assistance!

-P.L. Massachusetts

Hi Darwin,

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing great. As you know before I worked with you, I was waking up every night at 2-3am, not being able to get back to sleep and only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep total. We have been traveling for the better part of the last 2 weeks, and I slept well every night! I am thrilled and grateful for your help in getting me to this place. Thank you so much for your guidance and skill. I will recommend your services to any and all. Thank you.

Sincerely, J Westford, MA

My experience with Darwin was amazing. I couldn't believe how long I had been under hypnosis when it felt like just a few minutes! The images he led me to see have definitely motivated me. It is the first time that I KNOW I WILL lose weight - not just hope I will try.

---M.A. Hampton, NH

I came to see Darwin to quit smoking but I was not fully ready to let go of them. I was ambivalent in that I loved them but hated the addiction (and the cost!). I smoked my last cigarette as I drove to the appointment and here it is 83 days later and I am still cigarette free. I couldn't be happier with the results and moreover, I feel as though I am not even vulnerable to starting again simply by being exposed to other smokers. It is Darwin's hypnosis technique that has made it possible for me to quit and not be tempted. I won't say that cravings don't occur from time to time but it is easier to move beyond them than in any past attempts to quit. Thank you Darwin!

---Joe Simcox Amesbury, MA

I sought assistance from Darwin to overcome a fear of flying. I had avoided flying for a long period of time due to these fears, and I was disappointed that these fears were preventing me from living my life to the fullest. Darwin took the time to understand my fears and addressed them in a very respectful and professional manner. He also provided me with helpful insight about how to face my fears and understand the techniques in order to apply them confidently and comfortably. Shortly after my session I travelled for a special family event and successfully used the techniques, making my flying experiences much more pleasant and stress-free than I had ever hoped they could be. I have found that these techniques have also been helpful in addressing other aspects of my personal and professional life that bring stress. I would highly recommend Darwin to others who are interested in hypnosis and learning techniques to overcome fears or other stressors.

-D.M. Newburyport, MA

I have studied hypnosis, EFT and NLP for many years now. Many techniques have changed my life and got me to the next level. However, when working with you in NLP you have shown me some new techniques that when I applied them I have seen new results. WOW! Thank you so much. You have played a big part in my success, and I thank you for your giving heart and passion to help others overcome their fears.

Your Friend,
Nathan Amaral Somerset, MA

I came to see Darwin to stop smoking. I have smoked for many years and decided it was time to quit. I had 4 sessions with Darwin and was very happy with how well it worked. It has been 2 months since I last saw Darwin and I am happy to say that I still haven't had a cigarette.

---B.G. Haverhill, MA

Meeting with Darwin has really helped me with a bunch of my anxieties. My irrational fears are much more under control than they used to be. I use the techniques that Darwin has shown me to help calm myself down whenever I start to have anxious feelings. After working with him in hypnotherapy, I've begun to loosen up socially. I feel more confident around other people and have learned to let go when it comes to trying to make other people like me.

---T.F. West Hartford, CT

Dear Darwin,
I have come to a moment of quiet to extend my thanks to you. It is easier to put my feelings in the context of my passion for biology. So...

The Sun does not judge the flowers, but gives light to all those who choose to open their petals and reveal the life within. You were my Sun whose light awakened a beauty long forgotten. Thank you, Darwin.

---S.D. Greater Newburyport, MA

I came to see Darwin because I was having trouble sleeping. My mind was always racing when I would try to sleep. After a few sessions I was able to get to sleep pretty easily and sleep through the night. Thank you so much.

---J.K. Kittery, ME

What a great experience! I am still smoke free and it has been over a year. I whole heartedly recommend Darwin and the Center for Mind-Body Psychotherapy to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

---T.C. Portsmouth, NH

Maintaining a healthy weight has been problematic my entire life. The hypnosis sessions with Darwin gave me a renewed sense of purpose and revived my positive outlook. It was just what I needed to carry forward my goals for diet, exercise and good health.

---S.C. Amesbury, MA

Approximately 10 minutes after Darwin led me through the EFT process for the first time, I experienced an amazing surge of energy. I realized that the energy I was using to control my emotion had been released and it left me feeling rejuvenated.

---A.B. Boston, MA

After many, many years of the fear of getting my face wet I decided to see Darwin and try EFT. I could not believe how a very simple and easy process that only took a few minutes Would allow me to take a shower without holding my breath. I even put my face up to the water. This non-invasive, quick, few minutes Was one of the best gifts that I could have possibly given to myself.

---D.G. Exeter, NH

It has been a whole year since Darwin helped me to quit smoking with hypnosis. It was absolutely amazing. I smoked ten years and I tried all the other methods to quit. Hypnotherapy was the one that finally worked. I couldn't have quit without Darwin's help. Hypnosis makes quitting smoking so much easier. I am so happy that I will never smoke again.

---M.K. Portland, ME

Dear Darwin,
Thank you so much for your help. Before these meetings with you I could not successfully speak during a presentation without choking up and looking unprofessional and unprepared. I was not confident enough to get up in front of a group of people and express my thoughts and ideas even though my information was good. This was so humiliating and frustrating. Thanks to you I am now able to speak in front of an audience with confidence and clarity. Thank you so much!

---R.N. North Andover, MA

The energy work, (EFT) experience, I had with Darwin Gillett was both unique and rewarding. The energy shift was subtle, however, very pronounced. I highly recommend the experience.

---J.M. Newburyport, MA

After developing panic attacks, I became nervous about one occurring on an airplane. So, it eventually developed into a fear of flying. My cousin had gone to see Darwin to get over her fear of flying and she highly recommended him so I made an appointment a few days before my flight. I went in believing that it could work since it did for my cousin. I think an important element to my success was to just believe….not be skeptical….I loved the EFT/Tapping. It was fascinating how the anxiety diminished so immediately and then we moved onto the hypnosis. This part was fascinating and helpful. I took the flight two days later laughing while walking onto the plane amazed at how relaxed I felt. I truly enjoyed the trip and the journey.

---Jen F. Northshore, MA

I smoked for over 40 years and tried many different times and ways to stop smoking. I was skeptical about trying hypnosis but after coming to the Center for Mind-Body Psychotherapy I found that hypnosis worked well for me. After the first session, I went from smoking over a pack a day to just a few cigarettes a day. After going through the 5 session program, I haven't smoked another cigarette and that was over 6 months ago. Thanks so much!

---F.P. Cambridge, MA

Written by a Colleague

Darwin Gillett is a person who possesses several unique qualities and strengths.

The sense of calm composure that Darwin brings to every situation is a true strength. In his previous work, he encountered clients in crisis on a daily basis. His calm composure helped his clients to regroup, resettle, and as a result, the crisis often dissipated. He steadfastly modeled this calm approach for both clients and fellow staff members, and we were fortunate to have this exemplary role model in our community.

Another unique quality that Darwin possesses is a truly tolerant, positive, and accepting attitude. He is always able to see the good side of people and situations, even when there is well-founded tension or frustration with a particular person or circumstance. He recognizes and values the unique perspective that all people, both clients and colleagues, bring to a situation. He calmly and consistently models this positive and tolerant outlook.

The willingness to listen, to really listen, is rare. Darwin is one of the few people I know who truly listens when engaged in a conversation with anyone about any topic. He is “fully present”, and his body language and eyes convey a message of completely attending to a conversation (and the person speaking). When engaged in a conversation with Darwin, one feels valued, supported, and respected. At first, this quality may seem trite, and it is quite difficult to express clearly in written form the true essence of what I mean. However, in our busy, hectic world, there are so few people who really have the selflessness and compassion to truly listen to others; many people are consumed by extraneous thoughts or bring a self-centered perspective to a conversation. Darwin is unique in his ability to listen openly and completely.

It is a pleasure to have Darwin as a part of our community and as a colleague.

---R.A. Newburyport, MA

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